Ronnie Meek

I sat down with Pastor Ronnie Meek, pastor of Springhouse Worship and Arts Center, to talk about being the spiritual center of the community.  Visit his site at: 

Seek First the Kingdom – AJ Sellers

I sat down with AJ Sellers to talk about his take on successful ministry.  Visit AJ at:

The Physician to the Soul

In this Art to Heart Podcast.  I sit down with Laura Holland, Chair of the Comminication Arts and Media Department of Oral Roberts University.  Her perspective is unique as she sits in a place […]

Holy Spirit Orchestrated

What an amazing time!  I just love it when I realize that God has been orchestrating His heart’s desire.  Sharon Buss, president of End-Time Handmaidens and Servants, sits down with me to reflect on […]
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Don and Catherine James – Engeltal

Just after this year’s Anointed Youth Retreat, I sat down with Pastors Don and Catherine James to reflect on what God had done.

The Seventh Sign – The Gospel of John

I sat down with Dr, Phillip Ruben to reflect on our week of building CHARAKTER’s latest presentation based on the 7 miracles from John’s Gospel.
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3 Reasons to Encourage the Creative People in Your World

The Minister of worship at my church back in Niles, Ohio encouraged me in my creative gifts and changed the trajectory of my journey.  What would happen if you encouraged the creative people in your […]
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    Anybody Thinking about Christmas? Anybody Thinking about Christmas?

    Anybody Thinking about Christmas?

Anybody Thinking about Christmas?

Anybody thinking about Christmas?  I know I am.  And, that’s not just because my wife is getting ready for Christmas at ORU.  My son, David, who is 6, is thinking of Christmas.  Christmas is coming…what […]
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Go Without Bringing an Agenda

Dawn Pruszkowski is my friend with whom I have labored in ministry.  In this Art to Heart Podcast, Dawn explains how to build a thriving arts ministry beginning with stong relationships.  She has the […]

I’m Sick of Dancing – Alana Coetzer

In the Alberton Civic Center for the Destiny in God conference, I sat down with Alana Coetzer to encourage dancers to give their gift to God in ministry.  Her thoughts are very transforming.  Do […]