If You Don’t do You…You Doesn’t Get Done – with C. McNair Wilson

I sat down with C. McNair Wilson (actor, playwright, director, writer, cartoonist) to talk about overcoming creative barriers.  We talked about the new generation of creatives and how to encourage them.  And we looked […]

Start at Ground Zero – with Dennis Cole

I had a great conversation with Dennis Cole (actor, writer, teacher) about how starting at ground zero is great for theater and great for our spiritual journey.

Please visit Dennis’ website at:  Dennis […]

Matt Tullos with me on Art to Heart

While in Bossier City, LA, for the Creative Arts Festival, I sat Down with Matt Tullus, (actor, writer, pastor) to talk about creativity in ministry.

Giving people permission to feel things…not just think things

I had the privilege to sit down with Curt Cloninger to talk about some important moments from his 30 years of creative arts ministry.  I learned a lot.  I love the way Curt says […]

Theming – the Gateway to Creativity with Dr. Robert DeVargas

I had the privilege of reconnecting with an old friend on my last visit to Fort Worth.  He came to see Luke and encouraged me in my journey.  We sat down together this week […]

Experiencing Christ through Aesthetics with Dr. Reg Grant

Dr. Reg Grant, Chair of Media Arts and Worship Department of Dallas Theological Seminary, sits down with me to encourage the reluctance in all of us to avoid risk and to share about the […]

Giving Creatives a Place and Space with Blaine Bartel

I sat down with Blaine Bartel, guiding pastor of Resurrection Tulsa, to talk about finding the creatives hiding in our faith communities and about giving them a place and space to share their gifting.  […]

Encourage and Inspire with Chuck Neighbors

Back on the Podcast, Chuck Neighbors, actor, story-teller, writer since 1974.  We chat about Creatives and creative ministry and look forward to the Artists Retreat in Tulsa September 17-19, 2015.  Curt Cloninger has been […]

Gospels Experienced as Story – with Ed Gungor

When the early church read the texts we know as the New Testament, they were read out loud so everyone could hear.  That’s different than the way we approach the texts today as we […]

Ronnie Meek

I sat down with Pastor Ronnie Meek, pastor of Springhouse Worship and Arts Center, to talk about being the spiritual center of the community.  Visit his site at: