Creativity=TIME – Randy Kilpatrick

It takes intentionality to involve creativity past the normal worship template that we so easily just trade out hymns and choruses and choir numbers.  “Creativity takes time…but it’s well worth it.” says my friend […]

Take the Lid Off – Sharon Buss

Sharon Buss sat down with me just after the New Year’s meeting had drawn to a close.  She reflected on the week and challenged me to take the lid off the box of my […]

Greater Works – Pastor Don James

Pastor Don James reflects on the Youth Retreat in the Engeltal Valley 2013.  Pastor Don James, along with his wife Catherine, have ministered to the young people of ETH&S for a long time…and I […]

Commander’s Intent – Anna Hagen

We spent an amazing 4 days in the Engeltal Valley over the Christmas/New Year Holiday.  God met us in some pretty amazing ways.  Our time continued to build from beginning to end.  At the […]

Michael Summers – Creativity Conference

Michael Summers is passionate about connecting to this generation and he sits down with me to talk about how important it is to employ creativity as we develop relationships with a media saturated culture.  […]

Creativity TED Talk – Sir Ken Robinson

I watched an amazing TED Talk recently and I feel liberated! You can watch the TED Talk here and then listen to my thoughts by pushing the play button located below the video.

Impartation of God – Dr. Hendrick Bester

Dr. Hendrick Bester is the senior pastor of Dunamis International Family Church and along with his wife, Dr. Phillicia Bester hosts the Destiny in God Worship and Arts Conference.  I sat Down with him […]

Do Not Despise Small Beginnings – Dr. Phillicia Bester

Dr. Phillicia Bester, along with her husband, Dr. Hendrick Bester, are the pastors of Dunamis International Family Church in Germiston, South Africa.  She invited me and some others to come along on a trip […]

More than Making Films with Robert Bocking

Robert Bocking is a South African Film-maker that is creating culture with his work.  I had an opportunity to chat with Robert at the Dunamis International Family Church’s Destiny in God Conference.  Also be […]

Why involve Creative People in Ministry?

Why should we involve Creative People in Ministry?

with Minister of worship, Barry Owens, First Baptist Church, Pampa, TX