Imaginal Intelligence with Dr. Byron Spradlin

I sat down with Dr Byron Spradlin, Director of Artists in Christian Testimony, to talk about:

  • the unique gifting that creative believers are given to be “imaginative expression specialists.”
  • Communicating across the artist/clergy divide
  • 3 kinds of […]

Tuning into the Frequency

Greetings friends and family!  Thanks for praying for me and for my trip to South Africa.  Destiny in God was amazing!  The way God worked to forge new relationships and strengthen old ones was […]

Dr. Joe Crider – Southern Seminary

The Baptist Music Conference came to First Baptist Tulsa this year.  I made some great new friends including Dr. Joe Crider from Southern Seminary.  Dr. Crider likes to say, “Music is not the ministry; […]

A Memorable Walk in the Woods

While visiting family in North Carolina to celebrate my niece’s graduation from high school, I took a walk with my brother in law who is a research scientist and educator in the field of […]

The Real King of the World!

Pastor John introduces me but is not close to the microphone…please forgive the audio difficulties.

The Mime Preaches!

So, my church has invited me to become part of the teaching team…I’m very excited!  Unfortunately, because of a technical glitch, we were unable to record Part one.  Perhaps we’ll return and do Part […]

Dunamis International Family Church

Dunamis worship videos after the break!

Visit Dunamis International Family Church :

In South Africa, the lions have scars because they regularly fight.  The only place […]