The most recent Tulsa Ice storm nearly derailed my plans to share in ministry in Philadelphia, PA.  It began with a few frustrating phone calls to the airline (which shall remain nameless) as the weather began to loom and threaten the area.  It makes sense that if you know that weather is coming in, the airline should be eager to get you on a flight earlier so that they can lessen the rerouting on the day of and the days following, right?  Don’t get me started.  So the bottom line is that when my flight was cancelled, that’s right… Cancelled!!!  I had to drive through the night to Memphis in order to catch the rest of my flight to Philadelphia.  It turns out that it was an amazing “all nighter” that gave birth to what will soon be a new show with a couple of friends of mine called, “The Most Moved Mover.”  That is another story… more on that later.

I made it to Philadelphia on time and was able to be there for all of the ministry that had been planned.  Praise God!  I’ve known Pastor Tara and her Husband Caleb for quite a while. So it was an amazing time of fellowship, catching up on the last seven years or so, and sharing the richness of our individual journeys.


Pastor Tara told me that she was praying for me, that God would flow through me like a vessel to the people and touch them in a meaningful and profound way.  Little did she know what the Lord had whispered in my ear when I was in Houston… that He really wanted to join me out on the “stage” but I had been leaving Him in the wings.  It was a very haunting word that hit my heart strongly.  So, my prayer has been, “Lord, help me have courage to bring you with me.”


Soooooooo, there was a huge breakthrough in this regard.  That presentation of Luke was the most Spiritually charged that I can ever remember.  It was what I believe to be the beginning of a new dimensin of partnership with God.  There was a sense of His presence from beginning to end that was on a level that I had never experienced before.  I had a sense of courage that I’ve never had.  And, I noticed that the courage enabled me to follow His leading to do things and to say things in ways I had never quite said or done previously.  It was a rush.  Please pray that God continues to deepen my trust and enable me to lean on Him more.