The Drama Festival started a day early for me this year as I was invited to share Luke in Chapel at Louisiana College (my second visit… the first being to share Hebrews three years ago) and to spend some time working with “Testify” (LC’s hot Drama Ministry group directed by Dr. “Pete” Richardson).  Let me just say that it was an amazing time of fellowship as well as creative work.

Firstly, let’s just say that when I shared Hebrews… it was… well… not the best I’ve ever done.  Sharing Luke had a very redeeming quality as everyone seemed to be with me (a small miracle in itself being that college students can sometimes be distracted in Chapel by the temptation to study and “catch up” on a generally overwhelmed schedule).

Secondly, if you’ve been to the website before and you happened to have watched the video promo of Acts, it was shot by my “ArtReach” friend Jeff Young from Houston.  Well Jeff is now Professor Young in the Media department at LC.  So Jeff met me Wednesday night for my run through and shot Luke with 4 cameras.  The footage is now en route and I can’t wait to see it.

Nextly (it just sounds better than “thirdly”), LaNetia Taylor brought her group again (as she has faithfully done for more years than I care to count because it makes me feel old).  They did a piece on the first night that really brought the house down.  Everyone within earshot of me was gasping at the imagery and inspiration.  “With New Eyes” (the group’s name) has grown and matured before my very eyes and I am soooooo proud.