Firstly, it was really cool going to Israel with my Dad.  It was also cool being baptized by him in the Jordan River and baptizing him as well.  We saw lots of sights.  We learned lots of history.  And in the end we felt as though the Bible had come alive to us.  I hope to go back.  It was amazing to share portions of scripture at the various places we visited.  Josi (our guide) took us to a place just outside the Temple wall where many believe the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Day of Pentecost.  When I finished sharing the story from Acts 2, I said something I said hundreds of times… “And everyone who accepted his message was baptized.”  Of course, as you probably know, 3000 people were baptized that day.  What is not obvious unless you visit, is that there are at least a dozen or more ritual baths that the Jews used to purify themselves before going in to the temple.  The point is that there were facilities to baptize 3000 people right there and they remain to this day…pretty amazing!