If you know me very well, then you probably know how my journey has been transformed over the last 3-4 years by an understanding of how the Lord desires to speak to us through our dreams.  Well, my friend had a dream recently and it seems to speak to me as a sort of parable.  I have no idea what the Lord intends to say to my friend through this particular dream…possibly nothing.  But I can tell you that his dream speaks in a very clear way to my heart.

My friend is a young twenty something with a strong gift of music and writing as well as a keen sensitivity of leading God’s people into God’s presence.  In his dream, he was standing in front of the mirror and as he peered deeply into the mirror, he saw his hair becoming gray…just like his dad’s.  His first thought was, “Oh no!  I’m too young to look like like my dad.  I can’t have grey hair at my age.  I don’t want to look like this for the rest of my life.”  This is, of course,  a very natural and reasonable response.  As I thought about his short dream, I wondered and prayed about what meaning it could have.

Well, it’s not even my dream.  But I feel like that if I put myself in the dream, I would have likely reacted the same way.  But what if “Dad” was really our heavenly Father?  What kind of dynamic would that give?  Are there times that I looked into the “mirror” at the ways my life was being transformed by His Spirit and didn’t fully appreciate it.  I wonder if I made the Lord feel rejected by my reluctance to look like Him.  Have there been times that I have whined or complained about the obvious work of God’s grace and it’s affect on me?  I think if we were all asked directly we would say very positive things about the ways we notice God changing us into His image.  But just like we’re not in a hurry to look like our parents, which again, is a very natural response, I wonder if I don’t harbor any regrets about the ways God desires for me to change and about the ways he’s changing me now.

Do I say in the deep places of my heart, “Lord, I want to look cool more than I want to look like you.”  Do I say, “Lord, I’m not really in a hurry to look like you?”  Lord Jesus, help me to surrender my entire life to the marks of your loving grace.  Change me whether I like the way it looks or feels.  The world needs to see your beauty more than it needs me to look or feel cool.  Help me to surrender my desire to look and be cool…’cause I’m just a geeky white boy anyway.

Any thoughts?  Please leave a comment.