Wow!  What an incredible time at Lawson Assembly of God Church.  This was momentous because this was the first ministry trip that David (my four-year-old son) has ever been on.  Thanks to everyone who made David feel at home.  I was so blessed by the way David just took to everything.  And after attending only one rehearsal, he was already feeding me lines…I was impressed.

We had a great time in the afternoon as we stepped into the pages.  I was blessed to watch as two of the participants put their scriptures together in what turned out to be a stunning visit of the Holy Spirit’s creativity in our midst.  Thanks, Hope and Sarah for being willing to experiment.

Pastor Roger and Pastor Zack had a great idea to combine Luke and Acts for a celebration of Pentecost.  I will remember Pentecost 2011 for a very long time.  Blessings and Favor!

This is a video for those who attended the workshop!