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 The Word of God is Alive…all by itself.

But when you combine the living Word with a passionate storytelling dramatic portrayal, the result is an experience that can make the Scriptures come alive in new and fresh ways.

Wesley has memorized major portions of the Gospel of Luke, much of the Book of Acts, and the entirety of the Book of Hebrews. He is available for a 50 minute presentation of “Luke Comes to Life“, 40 minute presentation of “Acts After the Passion or, 40 minute presentation of “These Last Days (Hebrews) during a worship service or for a special event.  Luke Comes to Life can be adjusted a little shorter or a little longer to fit a particular time frame.

Wesley’s presentation of Luke Comes to Life opened a new world to me. I have heard dramatic readings of the Scriptures, but Wesley brought real people to the stories. Now, when I read the Gospel of Luke, I feel the desperation of the blind beggar calling out to Jesus. Wesley has helped me imagine what it must have been like to encounter Jesus then and it has made my relationship with Him now so much richer.
Jonathan Hughes, Jenks, OK

Through his dramatic presentations, Wesley provides his audience with a fresh perspective on God’s Word and often many express an increased hunger to study and meditate on what Scripture is saying to them.

Wesley has partnered with many pastors and ministry leaders to experience the Lord in the stories, developing presentations to enhance a sermon series or a Bible study. Check out the sections below for ideas on bringing Wesley in to be a part of your ministry.


There are many ways to incorporate dramatic elements into meaningful ministry. Here are just a few of the ways that Wesley’s presentations of Scripture have served:
  • Begin or end a sermon series from Luke, Acts, or Hebrews – This is a great way to build upon the experience that study enables. People who are familiar with the stories will see the stories in fresh ways as the teaching and dramatic story-telling work together to deepen and enrich the study.
  • Outreach – “Luke Comes to Life is the Gospel of Luke and it is the Story of Jesus and it is the story that we live out of as believers. Watching the story unfold is a powerful way to share that story with your community and provide a launching pad into discussion and relationship and further valuable ministry.
  • Sunday School – Wesley’s presentations of Scripture (Luke, Acts and Hebrews) provide a great way to see and experience the stories. We live in a sight and sound generation and that gives us a great opportunity to take people into the stories so they can experience the emotions first hand.
  • Special Event – Wesley has been called upon to write and direct dramatic works that enhance what God is saying and doing in a particular community. Consider involving Wesley in your Event. Got an idea? Pick up the phone and call Wesley right now. He can consult with you and if he doesn’t have exactly what you need, he may be able to point you in the right direction. There is no charge to consult with Wesley.

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Ministry Leaders and Event planners

Here are just a few ideas of how you might consider involving Wesley’s unique ministry based upon the ways he’s been involved through the years:
  • Banquet/Social – Turn your fellowship gathering into a dinner theatre that showcases God’s word and provides inspiration to study the Bible.
  • Conference – Draw upon Wesley’s repertoire of Scripture, drama, and mime pieces to make the experience of your theme even more meaningful and lasting. Wesley regularly participates in worship conferences, missions conferences, as well as arts and creative conferences. Also consider Wesley’s classes and workshop sessions to empower creatives and non-creatives alike with tools to experience and share the Scriptures.
  • Children/Youth Event – Combine Scripture pieces with mime and drama pieces to create a memorable and inspirational message. These collections of short works maintain energy and capture and hold the attention with a memorable message. Collections are very flexible and can easily be adapted to a theme.
  • Creative Ministry Launch – Getting ready to unleash the creatives within your faith community? Invest in their development with a “Louder Than Words weekend workshop which will empower them with practical tools and inspire them to give their gift to God in ministry.

A one-person performance has many advantages in terms of being suitable for virtually any sized space.

Its major limitation is time. Wesley has only a certain number of weeks available to travel between commitments to teach at conferences, international ministry and performances that are already scheduled for 2013. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule ministry in your church.

May the Lord bless you! We look forward to serving the Lord with you.

“…Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.” Isaiah 26:8 (NIV)