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1. Learn about pricing.

Honorarium + travel and lodging expenses

The honorarium is $1900. Travel is calculated at 55 cents/mile on round trip distance or upon the price of air ticket when flying. Lodging is a reasonable hotel for the duration of our time together. Additionally, car rental should be considered in the case of flying.

Honorarium Includes

Up to three items (dramatic presentations, workshops/classes) over the span of two consecutive days.  You are not obligated to use all three of your items.  You may share an item with a church in your region in order to share expenses.  Or, you may give an item as a gift to a church in your area.

If your situation is more than a 2-day event, Contact us directly.

2. Check available dates

For Availability Check our Online Calendar or Call (918) 520-3454

Online Calendar
3. Contact us to book a date.

We have several different contact options. Choose whichever you’re most comfortable with!

4. Find out how to prepare for our visit.

We have a quick video to address the major bases that need covering, but you can also read the summary below!


  • Quality sound amplification is imperative
  • wireless lapel mic works fine; a countryman over-the-ear style is even better
  • Your sound technician should be familiar with your system & facility, and should arrive at least 1 hour before presentation


  • We need a private space to pray and prepare before presentation, preferably equipped with a table or desk, and chair
  • If possible, a space with a mirror or even a sink and running water would be ideal
  • We would like to pray with you in this space sometime before the presentation, so let us know what time works best!


  • Do you have theatrical lighting in your facility or access to it, and ability to focus spotlights, dim with a fade to black, or to add colors to light?
  • Your lighting technician needs to be available to us several hours before the presentation
  • We’d love to schedule a rehearsal so we can arrange the lights to give several key moments the best dramatic impact possible.


  • Bigger is better: a 12′ depth by 20′ width at minimum. Smaller spaces are doable but we will need to adjust the staging of our presentation
  • The stage should be completely cleared of all objects that can be moved (chairs, stands, instruments, etc.)
  • If some elements can’t be moved for sacred or theological reasons, we will certainly adapt


  • We will need a table where we can make our  DVDs & ministry resources available
  • If you can also provide access to a TV with a DVD player, we’d greatly appreciate it!

Can we lodge you in a private home instead of a hotel?

Yes. Either a hotel or a host family will work equally fine. We do request access to wireless internet to stay connected to the family.

We want to book you for a short spot on Sunday morning. Is that cheaper?

It is possible to do a short segment…it counts as one item.  You are entitled to 3 total items  Our focus is to empower and inspire and to serve your vision as we do.  So however you see us serving your vision, that’s what we want to do.  We desire to carve out a sacred space where God can meet with people and so our hope is to participate in as many ways as possible:  presentations, workshops and classes.  Please consider using us not only for the short segment that you’d like to do on Sunday morning…but also involving us in a Sunday school program or in a Sunday evening worship service…or, sharing us with a sister church close by.

Ultimately we exist to serve His kingdom so although it is not the most cost effective, it is doable.  Call us…let’s talk.

How much stage space does the performance require?

There is a minimum of 12 feet in depth and 20 feet in width.  Bigger is better.  Smaller is possible but it requires that we significantly change the staging.  Thanks for your understanding and for helping to make our time with you the best it can be.

Thank you for your interest in Creative Ministry!