Experience Saturation

Nowadays, we are constantly inundated by a barrage of ideas and images that reflect the world and all of its values. In an age where we receive much of our entertainment through screens, we are used to seeing dramas from the detached safety of our living rooms. As a live show we break through this barrier, walking through the audience, interacting with them, and making them confront the emotional reality of the text.

In “Luke Comes to Life”, we bring the exact text of Luke’s Gospel to life in your sanctuary in a critically-acclaimed hour-long dramatic presentation that is simultaneously honest, poignant, and entertaining.

  • Enhance a sermon series from Luke’s Gospel.
  • Celebrate Easter or Christmas.
  • Inspire God’s people to read, study, and memorize the Scriptures.
  • Encourage creative expression in your community.

In “Acts After the Passion” (the sequel to “Luke Comes to Life”) we continues the dramatic telling with Luke’s account of the early church.

  • Enhance a sermon series from the Book of Acts.
  • Encourage God’s peole with the stories of early church heroes.
  • Add a creative workshop or class in order to encourage those creatively gifted among you and maximize the creative inspiration.
  • Celebrate the early history of the church for a missions conference.

Watch the Book of Hebrews take on new meaning as we transform this sometime difficult book into a story that can be grasped. Travel with the Hebrew Writer as he unveils some of the richest theology in the New Testament.

  • Enhance a study in the Book of Hebrews or on a related theme.
  • Encourage Bible memorization.
  • Draw God’s people into the living Word of God.
  • Explore the power and grace of this richly theological Book.