Listen, as if you were Theophilus, to Luke as he recounts the beginnings of the Church. Using only the inspired words of Luke’s Gospel, Wesley captures audiences and transports them to 1st century Israel where Jesus is born, lives, is crucified and rises triumphantly from the grave.

  • Journey through the life of Jesus through the eyes of Dr. Luke.
  • Experience the compassion of Jesus for the poor, sick and afflicted.
  • Walk with those who followed Jesus and feel what they felt.
  • Watch the plan of God for Israel unfold in the life and ministry of Jesus.

It’s a mighty fine piece of theater, with boundless energy and a lot of heart.
Matthew A. Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet - Minneapolis, MN

Wesley’s storytelling is utterly engaging!
Kate Hoff, Twin Cities Daily Planet - Minneapolis, MN

Wesley Brainard breathes plenty of humanity into the tale and moves fluidly, telling these familiar stories with grace and passion. Both his appreciation for the text and his style are multifaceted, appealing and never feel like prosthelytizing.
Dominic P. Papatola, Pioneer Press - Minneapolis, MN

Luke Comes to Life!

is perfect for:

  • Enhancing a sermon series on Luke
  • Celebrating Christmas
  • Kicking off or celebrating the completion of a Bible Study
  • Celebrating Easter
  • Special Event
  • Culminating a series of dramatic or creative workshops*
  • Outreach

* Please email us for more information about our dramatic and creative workshops and classes.