Encourage creatively gifted people to give their gifts in ministry by investing in their creative development. A weekend workshop will encourage and inspire your creatives with substantive tools that they can use right away.

In this short weekend workshop, we will build the basics of grammar made famous by Marcel Marceau that create an artistic instinct of communicating through gesture and action.  This workshop can be modified to include elements of spoken theatre to help dramatic troupes develop physical and emotional strength, such as in our week-long version of Louder Than Words, called “Setting the Stage For Excellence.”


Zero and Neutral; warm up; Use of hands and Marceau’s Hand Positions; improvisation

Elements of illusion

Communicating senses: sight, smell, sound, taste, touch; improvisation


Conventions of Character, illusionary and character walks; improvisation

Classical Illusions

In this session, we will begin to put it all together with some classical moments from the world of mimic illusion: the wall, the ball, barbells, balloons, just to name a few. We will draw upon what we’ve already studied to create some classic vignettes that you can use.


In this final session we will learn a piece created from the allegory written by Walter Wangerin Jr. We will learn the mimeography for each character then build until we can practice and polish.

Wesley taught the workshop with such humility and grace. He has a unique perspective and helps others to see it. He makes it easy to follow his instructions and plays on the strengths of each person in the group.
I’ve known Wesley for six years and have never ceased to be amazed by his talent, his compassion, and his humility.
Wesley is an amazing teacher and actor; his instructions and direction greatly enhanced my acting.
Workshop Participants, (Reviews Given Anonymously)