Learn how to share the Scriptures using mime, drama, and storytelling. Creatives and non-creatives alike will enjoy exploring the process that actors use and employing it in a meditative way. Together we’ll lean in to the Holy Spirit and listen for His voice as we search the scriptures for thoughts, feelings, and insight.

Join us for a creative, meditative journey into the pages of scripture and experience the inspiration that comes from memorizing God’s Word, where we mine for the gold and treasures that the Holy Spirit is beckoning us to uncover. You will leave inspired to memorize and share Scripture in meaningful ways using thought, feeling, gesture and action.


Watch Wesley demonstrate the process using verses from the Prodigal, providing a framework for all the elements


Begin the process of reading and praying through a passage in order to prepare yourself to memorize it. Learn to think about the passage and its application, meditating on its meaning.


Discuss effective tools for memory work, learning how Wesley memorizes large portions of God’s Word and experience for yourself the transformation, and employ them on verses to establish the foundation for the rest of our work


In this session we will begin to build into the speaking of the text thought and feeling that leads to gesture and action.
Wesley’s creativity and his clear passion for Christ unite to show a highly unique art form that reveres scripture and honors the One to whom his artistic form is directed.
Wesley is a real man of God. He makes this very clear in his ministries. He is fun, exciting and unpredictable when working with us. I always have a great time working with him and seeing how God uses him for His Glory!
His extreme love for God and how he portrays it shines out of him like rays of the sun. This was my first time, but it didn’t take me long to understand and appreciate all that had been said about him.
Wesley is a dynamic teacher. He uses his vast knowledge of theater to teach others to glorify God!
Workshop Participants, (Reviews Given Anonymously)